Κωδικός: UGD010271

Barcode: 4260250075166

Ultimate Guard 100+ Deck 'n' Tray Box - Green

Game Accessories - Deck Boxes (Κουτιά Τράπουλας)

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Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

Self-locking and innovatively designed soft polypropylene deck box with dice tray for the
protection and archival safe storage of more than 100 double-sleeved cards in standard size (e.g. Magic the Gathering™, Pokemon™ and others ).

- Best for storing collectible cards in ULTIMATE GUARD Sleeves
- Optimized for 100 double-sleeved cards or 120+ single-sleeved cards
- Durable, self-locking rigid box with accurate shape and write-on strip
- NEW! Additional storage feature: Removable dice and accessories tray
- Independent access to cards or accessories
- Includes two card dividers
- Acid free, no PVC
- Dimensions approx. 128 x 72 x 80 mm

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