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Barcode: 0700461881452
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iΕίδος: Miniatures|Εκδότης: Grimlord Games

Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

'An accursed beast that roams the countryside’s of Europe and an ancient evil that stalks the dreams of the living have entered the castle. The Werewolf and Sandman cannot be allowed to run rampant and the Plague Doctor and Illusionist have arrived to see that they do not! The Terror & Anguish add on contains the Werewolf (Cursed) and Sandman (Arcane) Monsters and the Plague Doctor (Cursed) and Illusionist (Arcane) Town Heroes. Includes: 2x Monster miniatures
2x Town Hero miniatures
2x Monster dashboards
2x Town Hero tokens
6x Monster Ability tokens'

Τιμή: 22.39


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