Κωδικός: 761941294407

Barcode: 761941294407

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors # 9 2nd Printing Perez Variant Cover (2010)

Comics - DC Comics

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iLanguage: English|Publisher: DC Comics|Cover: Variant

Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

As the Earthmen escape from Mogo's attacks, the brainwashed Green Lanterns also attack them. The Earthmen then escape underground. Safe from Mogo for now, the Earthmen plan their next course of action. Hal and Guy believe that they should head for the Central Power Battery and extract Parallax from it, but John believes they should save Mogo. Kyle puts it in a vote, with him, Hal and Guy voting for the Battery and John voting for Mogo.

Traveling underground, the Earthmen find a secret room that contains several of the Guardians's secrets. Hal then realizes that they are in the Foundry, the place where all rings and batteries are forged. Guy finds Krona's gauntlet and tries to take it, but the Earthmen are suddenly attacked by a mysterious creature with Green Lantern armor. The Earthmen show the creature that they are Green Lanterns, and the creature gives Guy the gauntlet. Hal's ring identifies the creature as Shedd, a servant of the Green Lantern Corps. The creature then leaves.

The Earthmen then use a computer to discover Mogo's recent activies, realizing that Mogo is sending corrupted rings to Lantern recruits. John decides to help Mogo and Kyle agrees. The two teleport away.

Hal and Guy travel to the Battery but they are suddenly attacked by the Entities, who are using the Guardians as hosts.

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