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Barcode: 4052526394589
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You are looking for the perfect transport solution for Necromunda Underhive which offers the best protection?

This set enables you a clear order, perfect protection and easy transport of your Necromunda Underhive game material.

The entire game material fits in the set. Every miniature of the Gangers has a separate slot. The huge amount of components which you use for the setting of the underhive can be sorted logically in slots. So you can arrange the barricades, loot crates, frag traps, melta traps, command terminals, bulkhead doors and also tokens, dice and templates. The bigger foam inlay is produced especially in the height that you can store the board tiles above or below the foam inlay. If you have the foams in the official board game box, the tiles fit exactly in the remaining space.

The foam set and the entire game material fit perfectly in the original core box. Because of the height of the foam set, the foam extends slightly over the edge of the board game box.

The foam inserts fit perfectly into the original board game box.

The complete value set has the dimension: 290 mm x 420 mm x 75 mm height. The Set contains two trays and one foam topper



The 50 mm foam tray offers 34 compartments:

20 compartments for miniatures
14 compartments for tokens, dice, loot crates and free-standing command terminals
The 75 mm foam tray offers 17 compartments:

17 compartments for barricades and bulkhead doors
What you get:

1 x 50 mm foam tray for Necromunda miniatures, sleeved cards and token.
1 x 75 mm foam tray for Necromunda miniatures, sleeved cards and token.
1 foam topper
CFC-free fine pored quality foam Made in Germany
chlorine and acid free
Made in Germany

Τιμή: 22.49


* Στις τιμές περιλαμβάνεται ΦΠΑ 24.0%.


Πόντοι Προϊόντος: 25

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