Κωδικός: DCCD031

Barcode: 761941260839

Countdown #31 Sep ,2007 (G)

Comics - DC Comics

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iLanguage: English|Publisher: DC Comics|Cover: Issue

Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

'New Frontiers'

Donna Troy, Bob the Monitor, Green Lantern and Jason Todd (colloquially known as the Challengers) arrive on Earth-3 – a world dominated by a team of super-villains known as the Crime Society. Immediately, a fight breaks out, and the Challengers and the Crime Society begin tearing up the streets of Metropolis. From out of nowhere, a purple-haired clown with a giant hammer springs into action and begins assisting the heroes. He joyously refers to himself as the Jokester.

Back on New Earth, Holly Robinson prepares for her journey to Paradise Island. She writes a letter to Selina Kyle and leaves it at the front desk of the shelter. Someone (presumably Athena) takes the letter and tears it up.

In the Fifth Dimension world of Zrrf, Mister Mxyzptlk walks down the street walking his pet goldfish Superman while conversing with his companion Miss Gsptlsnz. Suddenly a dimensional aperture appears and Mxyzptlk is spirited away.

In Turkey, Eclipso continues to corrupt Mary Marvel. A group of soldiers approaches them in a threatening manner, demanding them to leave this protected landmark. Mary Marvel turns the soldiers into stone, and Eclipso casually finishes them off by flicking their heads off with her finger. Mary expresses no remorse over this callous deed, and says that she actually feels pretty good about herself.

Meanwhile in 'The 'Burbs', Karate Kid and Una arrive at the home of Buddy Blank and his grandson. Buddy greets the strangely dressed visitors with a baseball bat, until the Karate Kid tells him that he needs to find Brother Eye.

At Project Cadmus, Serling Roquette puts Jimmy through another battery of tests. The process causes Jimmy's body to mutate into a hideously monstrous form.

Back on Earth-3, the Challengers continue to fight the Crime Society, until Bob the Monitor confirms that Ray Palmer is nowhere to be found in this reality. With that said, he opens a rift, and the heroes leave for another dimension. The Jokester decides to join them and becomes a member of their party.

Moments later, Monarch and Forerunner arrive on Earth-3. Monarch offers the Crime Society the opportunity to become conquerors of the Multiverse.

In the Multiversal Nexus, the Monitors continue to debate over what to do about Bob. One of the more aggressive Monitors deems his brother a traitor and declares that he must be stopped at all costs.

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