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Dungeons and Dragons 193 Pathfinder Roleplaying Game 102 Call of Cthulhu RPG 57 Numenera 20 Vampire The Masquerade 18 Star Wars Roleplaying 17 Starfinder RPG 17 The One Ring 16 Cyberpunk 13 Legend of the Five Rings RPG 12 Gurps 11 The Strange 10 Conan RPG 10 7th Sea 9 Genesys 9 Warhammer Fantasy RPG 9 Alien RPG 9 Dune RPG 9 Fate RPG 8 KULT: Divinity Lost 8 Castles & Crusades 7 The Terminator RPG 7 Doctor Who 6 Adventures in Middle-Earth 6 Symbaroum 6 Bluebeard's Bride 6 The Witcher TRPG 5 Tales from the Loop 5 Vaesen Nordic Horror RPG 5 Invisible Sun 5 Mork Borg 5 Talisman Adventures RPG 5 Broken Compass 5 The End of the World 4 Cypher System 4 Forbidden Lands RPG 4 Cypher System 4 Cartel RPG 4 Root RPG 4 Black Void 4 Lamentations of the Flame Princess 4 Inferno 4 Zombicide: Chronicles RPG 4 DC Adventures 3 Warhammer 40000 Roleplay 3 Nibiru 3 The Altered Carbon RPG 3 Epyllion 3 Zombie World 3 G.I. Joe: Roleplaying Game 3 Marvel Multiverse RPG 3 Transformers RPG 3 Dark Heresy 2 The Investigators of Arkham Horror 2 The Yellow King 2 Mutant: Year Zero RPG 2 13th Age Glorantha 2 RPG Modules 2 Lex Arcana 2 Star Trek Adventures 2 RuneQuest 2 Monster of the Week RPG 2 Blue Rose 2 Twilight 2000 2 Sig RPG 2 The Play's The Thing 2 Our Last Best Hope 2 Undying RPG 2 Ptolus 2 Fallout RPG 2 Sins RPG 2 Hunter: The Reckoning RPG 2 My Little Pony RPG 2 Science Fiction 1 Frontier: Epic Roleplaying in the Edges of Space 1 The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen 1 Keltia 1 Starfinder RPG 1 Keyforge 1 Mythic Revolutions 1 Kids on Bikes 1 The Excellents 1 Dishonored RPG 1 Dungeon Fantasy RPG 1 Dragon Age RPG 1 Junior Braves Survival Guide to the Apocalypse 1 Agents of Concordia 1 Jim Henson’s Labyrinth 1 Kids on Brooms 1 Aquelarre RPG 1 Wardlings 1 Guides 1 Mutant City Blues 1 Devil's Run RPG 1 Jackals: Bronze Age Fantasy Roleplaying 1 Glitter Hearts 1 Starship Warden 1 Band of Blades 1 Blades in the Dark 1 Dresden Files RPG 1
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Roleplay 6 14+ Abstract Strategy Acting Action Drafting Action Points Action Queue Action Retrieval Action Timer Action/Dexterity Action/Event Advantage Token Adventure Alliances American West Animals Area Control Area Majority / Influence Area Movement Area-Impulse Auction/Bidding Auction: Dutch Auction: Dutch Priority Auction: Fixed Placement Auction: Once Around Auction: Sealed Bid Auction: Turn Order Until Pass Automatic Resource Growth Aviation/Flight Betting and Bluffing Bias Bingo Bluffing Bribery Campaign / Battle Card Driven Card Drafting Card Game Card Play Conflict Resolution Catch the Leader Chaining Chess Chit-Pull System City Building Civilization Closed Drafting Closed Economy Auction Co-operative Co-operative//Συνεργατικά Command Cards Commodity Speculation Communication Limits Connections Constrained Bidding Contracts Cooperative Game Critical Hits and Failures Cube Tower Deck Construction Deck, Bag, and Pool Building Deduction Delayed Purchase Dice Dice Rolling Die Icon Resolution Different Dice Movement Drafting Economic Elapsed Real Time Ending Enclosure End Game Bonuses Events Expansion Exploration Family Game Fantasy Farming Fighting Finale Ending Flicking Follow Force Commitment Grid Coverage Grid Movement Hand Management Hexagon Grid Hidden Movement Hidden Roles Hidden Victory Points Highest-Lowest Scoring Horror Hot Potato Humor I Cut, You Choose Impulse Movement Income Increase Value of Unchosen Resources Industry/Manufacturing Interactive Book Interrupts Investment Kill Steal King of the Hill Ladder Climbing Layering Legacy Game Line Drawing Line of Sight Loans Lose a Turn Mancala Map Addition Map Deformation Map Reduction Market Matching Measurement Movement Medieval Melding and Splaying Memory Miniatures Minimap Resolution Modular Board Move Through Deck Movement Points Movement Template Moving Multiple Units Multi-Use Cards Multiple Maps Multiple-Lot Auction Murder/Mystery Narrative Choice / Paragraph Negotiation Network and Route Building Once-Per-Game Abilities Open Drafting Order Counters Ownership Paper-and-Pencil Party Game Pattern Building Pattern Movement Pattern Recognition Physical Removal Pick-up and Deliver Pieces as Map Player Elimination Player Judge Point to Point Movement Political Predictive Bid Prehistoric Prisoner's Dilemma Programmed Movement Push Your Luck Race Racing Random Production Ratio / Combat Results Table Re-rolling and Locking Real-Time Relative Movement Resource to Move Rock-Paper-Scissors Role Playing Roles with Asymmetric Information Roll / Spin and Move Roll-and-write Rondel Scenario / Mission / Campaign Game Science Fiction Score-and-Reset Game Secret Unit Deployment Selection Order Bid Semi-Cooperative Game Set Collection Simulation Simultaneous Action Selection Singing Single Loser Game Slide/Push Solo / Solitaire Game Speed Matching Sport Square Grid Stacking and Balancing Stat Check Resolution Static Capture Stock Holding Storytelling Sudden Death Ending Take That Targeted Clues Team-Based Game Tech Trees / Tech Tracks Three Dimensional Movement Tile Placement Time Track Track Movement Trading Trains Traitor Game Trick-taking Trivia Tug of War Turn Order: Auction Turn Order: Claim Action Turn Order: Pass Order Turn Order: Progressive Turn Order: Role Order Turn Order: Stat-Based Variable Phase Order Variable Player Powers Variable Set-up Variable Setup Victory Points as a Resource Voting Wargame Wooden Word Games Worker Placement Worker Placement with Dice Workers Zone of Control Παιδικά
Cubicle Seven 6 25th Century Games 2Tomatoes Games 3 Emme Games 50/50 Games 8th Summit AbacusSpiele Abba Games Abrams & Chronicle Academy Games Action Phase Games Adam's Apple Games, LLC ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH Adellos Adlung-Spiele Aegir Games ah!Ha Games Akibabus Ltd. AlcyonCreative Alderac alea All or None Games Alley Cat Games Amera Amigo analog lunchbox Ankama Antler Games APE Games Aporta Games Aquarius Arcane Wonders Archon Studio Archona Games Ares Games Argentum Verlag Artipia Games AS Asmadi Games Asmodee Atheris Games Atlas Games Atomic Mass Games Avalon Hill Avatars of War Awaken Realms Axel B.A. Games BackSpindle Games Ltd Badgers from Mars Baksha Games Bandai Bardshark Battlefront Bearded Board Games Bellwether Games Bezier Games Big Fun Games Bitewing Games Black Chantry Productions Black Key Games Blackrock Editions Blackrock Games Blam! Blizzard Entertainment Blue Orange Blue Panther Blue Sky Studios Bluepiper Studio Board&Dice BoardGames4U Bombyx Brain Games Breaking Games Bright Eye Games Brotherwise Games Buddypal Games Burnt Island Games Bushiroad Button Shy CAD Calliope Games Capstone Games Cardinal CardLords Cartamundi Catalyst Game Labs Catan Studio CBG Cephalofair Games Chaosium Inc Cheapass Games Cherry Picked Games Clever Mojo Games Clevergreen Board Games Closer Nerd Games CMON Limited Cobblestone Games Cocktail Cocktail Games Cogito ergo Meeple Compass Games ConcernedApe Contention Games Cool Mini or Not Corax Games Corvus Belli Coyote & Crow LLC Cranio Creations CrashStache Games Cravon Studios Crimson Company Crippled God Crowd Games Cryptozoic Cyanide & Happiness Czech Games Edition Daily Magic Games Dann Kriss Games Dark Unicorn Games Days of Wonder Dead Alive Games Deep Water Games Delicious Games Demoela Desyllas Devil Pig Devir DGT Dire Wolf Digital District Games Dizemo Djeco DKG dlp Games Don’t Panic Games DPH Games Inc. Dr. Finn's Games Dr.Wood Draco Ideas Dragon Dawn Productions Dragon Egg Games Dragon Shield Dragonhearth Productions Dranda Games Drawlab Entertainment Drei Magier Druid City Games DTDA Games dV Giochi Dyskami Publishing Company e-Raptor Eagle-Gryphon Games Eclipse Editorial Edge eGames Eggertspiele Elege Enigma Studio EnterPLAY Epsilon Games Escape Studios Escape Tabletop Games Everything Epic Games Evil Hat Productions Fabricate.IO Facade Games Fanattik Fantasmagoria Games Fantasy Flight Games Feldherr Feuerland Spiele Fiat Lucre Final Frontier Games Fireside Games First Fish Games FITZ Games Flatlined Games Flatout Games Floodgate Games Flying Carpet Games Flying Frog Flying Frog Productions Flying Leap Games Flyos Games Folded Space Forge Next Formal Ferret Games Forsaken Games Fourtato Games Inc. Foxtrot Games Franjos Free League Publishing Frosted Games FryxGames Funforge Funko Funtails Furia Games Furious Tree Games G3 Galactic Raptor Games Galakta Galakta Games GaleForce9 Game and a Curry, LLC Game Brewer Game Design Stratagem Game's Up Gamelyn Games Games Club Games Workshop GamesQuest Gamestart Edizioni GameWorks GameWright Gamia Games Garphill Games GDM Games Geek Attitude Games Geektopia Games Gen42 Games Genesis of Legend Publishing GenXGames Gigamic Giochi Preziosi Giochi Uniti Giochix GMT Games Goblivion Games Godot Games Good Games Publishing Goodman Games Gotha Games Goula Grail Games Grand Gamers Guild Grand Trunk Games Granna Gray Wolf Games Greater Than Games Green Board Game Co. Green Couch Games Green Ronin GreenBrier Games GREIFERISTO Gremlin Project Grey Fox Games Grimlord Games GRRRE Games Grumpy Owl Games Gryphon Games Guildhouse Games Guilt-Free Gaming Haba Half Monster Games Half-Monster Games Pty. Ltd Handmade Happy Baobab Hasbro HeidelBÄR Games Helvetia Hemionos Hexy Studio hinkler Hobbyworld Holy Grail Games Horrible Games Horrible Guild Howling Hog Games Hub Games Huch & Friends HUCH! Hurrican Games Hush Hush Projects iDventure IDW Games Iellogames IGAMES Igrology Imago Incarnate Games Indie Boards and Cards Inside Up Games Iron Games Irongames itten Jack Dire Studios Japanime Japanime Games Jasco Games Jellybean Games Jolly Roger Games Jolly Thinkers Jordan Draper Games Jumbo Just Toys Kaissa Games Kamikaze Games Karma Games Kayal Games Keep Exploring Games Keymaster Games Kids Table BG Kids Table Board Gaming Kion Games KnA Games Knight Models Kolossal Games Korona Games Kosmos Kraken Wargames Krishada Games La Boîte de Jeu Lark & Clam Lautapelit.fi Lay Waste Games Leder Games Legion Supplies Letheia Letiman Games Level 99 Games Libellud Loke BattleMats Lookout Games Looney Labs Looping Games Lost Boy Entertainment Lost Treasure Games Lucky Duck Games Lucky Loser Ludically LudiCreations Ludonaute Ludus Magnus Studio lui-meme Maestro Media Mage Company Magellan Magpie Games Mantic Games Marabunta Marvel Comics Matagot Mattel Mayfair Medieval Lords Meeple On Board Mega Mint Games Memesys Culture Lab Mercury Games Micro Art Studio Middle Brain Games Mighty Boards Mindclash Games Mindtwister Minion Games Moaideas Game Design Modiphius Entertainment Monkey Jump Games Monolith Mont Taber Monte Cook Games Moonster Games Morning Motor City Gameworks Mountain Gold Games Mr. B Games Mythic Games Nauvoo Games Ndemic Creations neat games Nerdy Pup Games Next Move Games Ningth Level Games Nintendo Ninth Level Games Nocturnal Media Nord Games Nothing Sacred Games NSKN Games Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag Obyz ODAM Publishing Odd Bird Games Oink Games OldChap Editions Olmec Games One Up Parties and Games OOD Bird Games Orange Machine Games Orange Nebula Origami Whale Osprey Games Other Overworld Games Paizo Paladone Palm Court Panda Game Manufacturing Pandasaurus Games Parabellum Paradox Interactive Paranoia Rising Games Inc. Passport Game Studios Pavana Games PD-Verlag Pearl Games Pegasus Pegasus Spiele Pelgrane Press Pencil First Games Pencil First Games, LLC Pendragon Game Studio Penguin Random House Perplext PHALANX Phase Shift Games Philos Piatnik Pink Tiger Games Pixelcraft Pixie Games Plague Island Games Plaid Hat Games PlanBGames Playford Games Playhouse Games Playmore Games Pleasant Company Games Poketto Games Polish Publishing League Polymath Play Portal Portal Games Pretzel Games Prodos Games Professor Puzzle PSC Games Pull the Pin Games Purple Games PvP Geeks PYTHAGORAS Q Workshop Queen Games Quick Simple Fun Games Quined Games Quixotic Games R. Talsorian Games Rather Dashing Games Ravensburger Real Fun Toys Really Fun Rebel Studio REBEL.pl Red Raven Games Redimp Games Renegade Game Studios Repos Production Restoration Games Retro Range Right Wrong Game Co. Rightgamesrbg Rio Grande Games River Horse Road To Infamy Games Rock Manor Games Rookie Mage Games Room 17 Games Rovio Roxley Games Royal N. Games rudy Games Sand Castle Games Saratoga Toy & Game Co. Schmidt Schmidt Spiele Scorpion Masque Screech Dragon Studios Second Gate Games Shuffle Side Room Games Sierra Madre Games Signature Board Games Sinister Fish Games Sisyphus Systems Sit Down! Skellig Games Skybound Games SlugFest Games Small Box Games Smart Games Smirk & Dagger Games Smirk & Laughter Game Smirk & Laughter Games Snowdale Design Social Lubricant Games Sophisticated Games Sorry We Are French Soul Twinkles Space Cowboys Spielworxx Spin Master Splattered Ink Games Splotter Spellen Square Enix Co. Starling Games Steamforged Games Steeped Games Steve Jackson Steve Jackson Games Stone Blade Entertainment Stonemaier Games Story Machine Games Storyception Games Stratelibri Strawberry Studio Stronghold Games Studio 9 Games Studio H Studio71 StuntKite Sunnygeeks Sunrise Game Studio Super Meeple Svoora Sweet Games Sylex Synapses Games Tabula Games Talon Strikes Studios LLC Tasty Minstrel Games TeeTurtle The City of Games The Creativity Hub The Happy Narwhal Co The Noble Collection The OP The Robot Games Thinkfun Three Nail Games Thunderworks Games Tiki Editions Titan Forge Games TMG Tompet Games Topi Games Topps Trick or Treat Studios Troll Lord Games Twilight Creations, Inc. Twogether Studios UCC Distributing Ultra Pro Unexpected Games Unique Board Games Unstable Games Upper Deck Entertainment Usapoly Valley Games Inc. Vampire Squid Cards Van Ryder Games Verdes Innovations S.A. Vesuvius Media Vice Games Victory Point Games Vilac Viravi VRGames W.R.K.S Games Wargames Illustrated Warlord Games Wayfinder Games Weird City Games Weird Giraffe Games Weta Workshop White Goblin Games White Wizard Games White Wolf WIBAI Games Wild Power Games Wildfire LLC Winning Moves Winsmith Games Wizards Wizards of the Coast WizKids Wonder Forge Wooden Games Workshop Word Forge Games World Forge Games Wyrmgold GmbH Wyvern Gaming XYZ Game Labs Yen On Yoka Boardgames Ystari Ystari Games Z-Man Games ZAS Play Zito! Zoch Verlag Zoch.zum Spielen Zombi Paella Φανταστικός Κόσμος
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